Testimony Tuesday

During this time of quarantine, the church I attend has been creatively using social media to share the Word of God. In addition to posting the weekly sermon on Sunday they have also been posting church members’ personal testimonies of how the Lord has impacted their lives. This week I shared a time when Jesus fulfilled His role as provider in my career path. Check out my testimony and others on the Crossroads Church Facebook page and join us next Sunday for worship and an uplifting sermon from Pastor Anthony and Jennifer. God bless!

4 thoughts on “Testimony Tuesday

  1. What an inspirational message, Kelly. I remember that situation so well and I am so very happy to see you how God has provided for you and then some! Particularly now, your testimony is so valuable as we are all navigating such insecurity; having to live in the moment, trust God and surrender to his will. Thank you.


  2. During these unsure and trying times; what an encouraging testimony to share! Thank you so much for sharing your story. The Lord will be swift to remove you from a situation, only to place you into a much better one. Completely trusting his plan and process is most difficult in that moment of trial and loss… But we KNOW and we BELIEVE his plans for us are ALWAYS GREAT! Thank you Lord!


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