n. a deep or new understanding

True Worship

This past July I began singing during the worship service at my church. Singing has been a lifelong passion of mine, so participating in this ministry has been the desire of my heart ever since I was saved. But I’ll be honest. It hasn’t been going as well as I hoped or expected. Singing alone,Continue reading “True Worship”

Setting the Standards

With the celebration of Father’s Day l began reflecting on the qualities of a good father. Because for some children this day is in fact a celebration, but for others, it is a harsh reminder of loss or deep-seated disappointment. So what makes a good father? Who set these standards men attempt to reach orContinue reading “Setting the Standards”

For Such a Time As This

Many wonder what compels people to read the Bible over and over again. For me, it’s relevancy. Whether I’m reading the Old Testament or the New, each time I read, I gain insight and understanding, not only about antiquity but also about today’s world. Although these stories are thousands of years old, we clearly seeContinue reading “For Such a Time As This”

Learn to Defend

As a white woman in America, I am privileged. I am granted advantages simply because the color of my skin is the same as that of the majority in power. Some of these advantages I have recognized and many I have not, which is an effect of that privilege.  So as people begin to shareContinue reading “Learn to Defend”


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